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A place for lolitas in Missouri to gather.

Missouri Elegant Gothic Lolita Vampire Romance
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A lolita community for those in the state of Missouri.
I know, the name left out "aristocrat" but there are only so many characters allowed. Welcome to mo_egl! We're a community that caters to the regional needs of lolitas in Missouri and the surrounding states. Because of some issues with harassment previously, membership is moderated for the time being.

Please read all rules and information on this page before you post. Thank you!


  1. All posts must be friendslocked.
    If a post is not friendslocked, it will be deleted. A moderator will comment on the post to request that it be friendslocked, if it has not been within 24 hours, it will be deleted. This is for the safety of our members. The one exception to this rule will be moderator announcements.

  2. Keep things on topic, please.
    All content must be related to lolita, or events in Missouri or surrounding states. If you're just getting into lolita, you may want to check out a few more generalized communities, first. egl and the lolita_handbook are both good places to start! This community is primarily for meeting girls in your area and planning meet-ups with them in a relatively safe environment.

  3. All pictures larger than 400x400 pixels must be under a cut. No hotlinking.
    Only one picture per post is allowed outside of the cut and all images must be uploaded to your own image resource such as photobucket, imageshack, flickr or your own personal website. This protects the bandwidth of others and also keeps everyone's friends pages tidy.

  4. Please be courteous to other members.
    We don't ask that you sugarcoat everything you say or refrain from giving constructive criticism, but please keep things polite.

  5. Introduction posts are perfectly welcome and allowed.
    If you make an introduction post, please tag the post with your username and your location. This will help you and others to find people around you to hang out with or meet with. It will also help the moderators in organizing the community. Also, you can check the memories for prior examples if you so desire!

These rules are subject to change as necessary, though there will be a post made announcing such if it comes to pass. Posts that have content deemed to be inappropriate for any reason (either listed in the rules above or not) will be deleted after a warning has been issued. Bans will be executed at the discretion of the maintainers of this community; if you have a question as to the validity of a ban or deletion, PM a maintainer as listed below.

This community is for the enjoyment and sharing of lolita culture and fashion. We, like so many other communities we are similar to, do not endorse, encourage, or participate in ANY form of sexual activities involving children under the legal age of consent in the respective provinces, states, and political bodies which comprise the membership of this community.

In other words, we do not allow child pornography, sexual assault, or abuse, nor do we endorse or encourage these practices in any way.